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Easy and functional opening and closing
With original DITEC motorisation, all you have to do to silently open and close your garage is lightly touch the remote control.
The manual versions are also easy to operate because they are balanced with torsion springs.
Extreme conditions do not represent a problem: ice and snow are not obstacles for DITEC overhead doors.

More comfort for the environment
DITEC residential overhead doors
are sturdy and fully weather resistant.
They provide excellent insulation against heat and sound thanks to the insulated panels (steel or wood).
They improve liveability and inside conditions and also cut energy costs.

For new and renovated buildings
residential doors are practical and flexible; they enhance new buildings and also allow quickly and accurately replacing old traditional doors.

Accessory control and safety
provides a wide range of accessories: from ergonomic handles to command, control and security systems.
All DITEC original accessories have been designed to enhance the door, ensure long-term reliability and safe operations.

Overhead doors enhance the building and meet any requirement

The design and various solutions presented, with versions in steel and wood, allow perfect aesthetic integration in any architectural context, both classic, rustic or modern.



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